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VOICE OVER NOISE is a trio of laptop musicians from Bratislava, active also in other projects (Požoň Sentimentál, VAPORI del CUORE, Don@u.com, Mio-Mio, Uran Uran, Etnoise Orchestra, Frutti di mare, Musica falsa et ficta…). Their shows are realtime improvised performances to a high degree, making use of stolen footage (‘live plunderphonics’) – samples and microsamples from existing records (oldschool pop, classical music, film soundtracks), combined with own electronically generated sounds, field recordings, etc. Instant unique puzzles made from bits of our common past and present. Flow of unpredictable situations where Madonna meets Edgard Varèse, old computer game music sounds together with the film soundtracks, phragments of J. S. Bach or socialist pop icons. Voice Over Noise are the live recycle bin of our postmodern culture: noisy, energetic, sometimes funny, but also sentimental refreshment of our collective memory.