– Lieder ohne Worte (No. 3, No. 7) – Lieder ohne Worte (No. 3, No. 7)

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What would Maestro Mendelssohn say about these “Lieder ohne Worte”? Probably, he would be happy to listen to the music, which has a similar idea to his own of a romantic, lyric song performed by instruments only; in addition, the same formal concept of a homogenous form based on one musical idea. I listen to this music with pleasure, because of its beauty of sounds, its quietness and repetitive motives. It is music, which brings good feelings.
Zygmunt Krauze

No. 3

No. 7

Austro-Slovak improvising group:

Martin Brandlmayr – drums
Christian Fennesz – el. guitar, electronics (guest appearance)
Daniel Matej – turntable, CD players, objects, electronics
Marek Piaček – flutes, voice, electronics
Martin Siewert – el. guitar, lapsteel, electronics
Ronald Šebesta – clarinets
Peter Zagar – piano, synthesizer
Roman Laščiak – sound design

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